Welcome to This is My Morocco

Welcome to This is My Morocco, a journey of thirty-two people from sixteen different countries exploring the wonders of Morocco. We are volunteering with AIESECto promote tourism in the cities of Agadir and Marrakech. We will be writing about our experiences in these cities and others, Moroccan culture, and how we feel throughout the experience. We will be living and exploring in Morocco for six weeks total. We are excited for you to join us on this journey to learn about Morocco from our point of view.


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Written by and photographs from Ashlee Harvey

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Goodbye Agadir

   It will be a great experience for you to visit Agadir if you want to relax. Its long beach with its softy sand were you can rest your body and think of nothing:"Peace for your Mind" . Not only can you relax there, but you can also try some of the activities on the beach such as snorkeling, Parasailing and riding a jet ski.    Agadir Oufella is the mountain were you can hike to reach its top and see the most stunning view. Its better to go before sunset and stay till night to see the lights coming out of the city at night.    The Ahad Market "Souk El Ahad" with its colorful spices and the traditional Moroccan galabya and the other Moroccan staff is one of the biggest markets in morocco where you can…


   Taghazout is a small fishing village located approximately 15km north of the city of Agadir, Morocco. The amazing scenery, the traditional architecture, the welcoming people and of course the marvelous beaches are only a few of the things that make this village so unique. The inhabitants are mostly of Berber origin. Finding out about their way of living, visiting their traditionally but colorfully built houses marked by the traditional berber symbol and getting in touch with them is an absolute must-do while you are in Morocco. Cultural understanding is being facilitated by the close proximity to the locals.    Taghazout has lots of restaurants that offer a relatively wide selection of foods. Couscous, tagines, omelettes, and pastilles are just a few of the options you will find there. On the seafront you have the Surf Berbere Cafe, Auberge, and Mouja. Then on the main street there are several restaurants…

Taroudant & Tiout

   Located about two hours east of Agadir, Taroudant is a small city that is often referred to as the “Little Marrakech." The walls that surround the city are similar to that of Marrakech, hence the above name.    Inside the medina of Taroudant is a souk that looks deceivingly small from the outside but once inside one can get easily lost. The souk in Taroudant is not as uniform as Souk El Had in Agadir; it is not all within a square area. The souk, like most other souks, has everything you could think of. It has spices, electronics, traditional clothing, shoes and more.    Just a short drive from Taroudant is a quaint Berber village of Tiout. The hospitaltity that we were met with when we got there was amazing. We were offered mint tea while they prepared donkeys for us to ride (if we wanted) to climb…

Trip to Legzira

After visiting the impressive pottery market, the bus drove us to Legzira, one of the 40 best beaches on earth named by the Huffington Post. On the way to Legzira, a lot of extraordinary sceneries can be seen, typical Moroccan style, yellow sand, trees mixed of green and yellow color…As a person living in the northeastern part of China who only saw the view like that in books and TV, everything is fresh and amazing for me! After getting off the bus, we went downstairs and arrived at the terrace of a restaurant. It was the restaurant where we had lunch. Because of the sea, the weather was not so hot and we could feel the blow of wind all the time. There are a few restaurants like this on the beach. You can have tajines, couscous and skewer in those restaurants, and a meal cost you about 45 dirham (4.5…

Kasbah / Agadir Oufella

If you ever passed by the beach, you’d see Arabic letters, which get lighted up at night, saying “God, Country, King” engraved on the hill. This is where the Kasbah stands. The Kasbah, also known as Agadir Oufella, is one of the most popular places for both tourists and locals. Located at the top of the mountain, the Kasbah gives you the view of the whole city. This is a must for those who want to know how Agadir looks like from a birds-eye view.    After the earthquake in 1960, the remains of Kasbah fortress which was built in the 16th Century stands behinds the sea. Despite the wreckage of pastime, you still get to enjoy the Moroccan modern way of life when getting up there. Not only tourists, but Moroccan locals still usually go up there just to hang out and enjoy the perspective of the city. The…

The Argan oil

On our way to Essaouira (article soon to be posted!), we stopped by the Cooperative Marjana which is an Argan Oil manufacture held by women exclusively, who are either divorced or widows. It turns out to be amongst one of many cooperatives of argan oil in the region, a traditional product of the Berber community. Well known for its cosmetics proprieties, argan oil contains vitamin E, minerals, antioxidants, and among other organic substances that helps moisturize, protect, and repair your skin, as well as nourishing your hair. It can also be used for culinary purposes, for instance, it is proven that argan oil is heathier than regular oil for diabetics or people who are suffering from high cholesterol. One of the ladies working at the facility welcomed and guided us through the process of extracting argan oil. The extraction is all done by hands! After having collected the argan fruit…

Souk El Had

If you happen to catch yourself in Agadir, going to the Souk El Had is a must-do. In fact, although I have only been here for one week now, it has become a very frequent stop for me. Located in the center of Agadir, El Had is the biggest urban souk (or “market” if you’re not familiar with the term) within Morocco with about 9 hectares of surface area and 10 different entrances. Once inside you will find about 6 000 shops containing various products such as food (bread, fruits and vegetables, meat, snacks…), clothing, leather bags, jewelry, spices, cosmetics, and all sorts of souvenirs. There also are traditional items for sale such as “babouches” (a type of Moroccan slipper) traditional djellabas (long loose fitting robes), and tea sets to make your very own Moroccan tea back home. The souk is a great way to immerse yourself in the Moroccan cultural and in Gadiris’ life…

Paradise Valley

Do you consider yourself an adventurous person? Do you feel courageous enough to explore the wild side of Moroccan nature? If the answer is, “yes”, then Paradise Valley is the place for you. Located a short distance outside of Agadir, Paradise Valley will provide you with a rush of adrenaline via cliff jumping while at the same time creating a space of peace and quiet among palm trees and small waterfalls. In order to reach this secluded area you must first hike along a trail for 45 minutes, up small hills and past various cafes before reaching the final destination. Paradise Valley's unique surroundings include hidden paths leading you up abstract cliffs, mesmerizing blue waters for swimming, and rare flowers growing at every corner. Not only that, but surround the swimming area are steep cliffs ranging anywhere between 5 to 25m - perfect for jumping off of into the crystal clear green waters. If cliff jumping is not for you, the surrounding areas…

Moroccon Traditional Food

The Traditional Moroccan Breakfast                                                                                                                  A yummy Moroccan breakfast usually consists of different scrumptious kinds of food such as their freshly made bread which they make in huge slabs for you to tear a bit off, and the semolina pancakes bread called "Baghir",there is also delicious omelet eggs cooked in Moroccan pot,olives and jam. The Moroccan Tagine The Moroccan Tagine is well known for being tasty and healthy at the same time. There are 3 well known types, one is with vegetables and chicken, other with meat and vegetables and vegetables only.This type is made with…

Heaven for the Pottery Lover

The perfect place for a ceramics enthusiast is located just 30km (40 minute drive) south of Agadir. In a small and quaint village called Sidi-Bibi you will find a very impressive pottery market complete with its own workshop. From the minute you walk in you will be immediately astounded by the vast collection of merchandise. Immerse yourself in the enchanted atmosphere and let the endless shelves and aisles lead you. Every inch of the shop is covered with beautifully crafted ceramics. Starting from charming little jewelry boxes,to jugs and plates, and enormous vases that can reach over a meter high - there truly is something for everyone here. In the building you also have the opportunity to see the process of making the pottery from start to finish. First, watch in awe as the craftsman creates beautifully shaped items from clay. Then move to the storage room, where all wet pottery is left…
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A day in Agadir

The main beach in Agadir *photo credit Yiming  Agadir is a vibrant city with stunning beaches, lively markets, and lots of activites to fill the days with. In order to make the most of your time in Agadir we have designed the perfect agenda to give you the true Moroccan experience. To start the day take a stroll down the main beach. During the day the beaches can be filled with tourists and locals a like; however, in the morning the place is deserted so you can appricate the true beauty it has to offer. A traditional Moroccan meal *photo credit Hannah Patzer Once done strolling down the beach hop in to anyone of the cafes (our favorite being a place called Pistachios) to get yourself a traditional moroccan breakfast consisting of coffee or tea, moroccan bread (msemen, meloui, beghrir to name a few),…

Welcome to This is My Morocco

Welcome to This is My Morocco, a journey of thirty-two people from sixteen different countries exploring the wonders of Morocco. We are volunteering with AIESEC to promote tourism in the cities of Agadir and Marrakech. We will be writing about our experiences in these cities and others, Moroccan culture, and how we feel throughout the experience. We will be living and exploring in Morocco for six weeks total. We are excited for you to join us on this journey to learn about Morocco from our point of view.   Follow us on Facebook and Instagram too!! Written by and photographs from Ashlee Harvey